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When your baby is born but you continue to caress your belly with nostalgia and believe you feel his kicks inside you

Oh, the pregnancy! How many contradictory feelings it provokes !: Yes “it is a wonderful stage and I want it to last forever”, yes “I look great”, yes “I can’t take it anymore!”, Yes “I want my baby to be born now, but at the same time I don’t want to “… How curious, right ?!

But if there is something that I think is common to all mothers, it is that feeling of nostalgia for your pregnant belly when your baby is born . You, who were anxiously waiting to have him in your arms, suddenly find yourself stroking your belly nostalgically and even believing you felt his kicks. Has it ever happened to you?

“Nostalgia for pregnancy, me? No way!”

For most pregnant women, the final stretch of pregnancy is usually the heaviest. The gut bulges so much that it prevents you from leading a normal life, you sleep little to nothing, and the anxiety about childbirth and the desire to meet your baby make the last weeks eternal.

For all this, I bet that the wish of any pregnant woman almost to term is that her baby does not beg for too much, especially if the pregnancy is not being that dream and idyllic stage that sometimes is painted.

As I mentioned a few days ago in this post, my pregnancies were not easy, so I hardly enjoyed them. For this reason, when pregnant with my third baby, a woman told me to “enjoy my gut a lot in recent weeks because then I would miss it”, I confess that I almost had a fit of laughter.

After two children and two risky pregnancies, at no time had I felt that nostalgia that that woman was talking about, so I was convinced that I would not feel it on that third occasion either, in which my pregnancy was also being even more complicated than the above.

When you realize that you will never be pregnant again

But when my last baby was born is when I began to realize that I would never be pregnant again . Three high-risk pregnancies and three cesarean sections, the last one very complicated, led me to make that decision.

I, who had always denied my pregnancies and had never fully enjoyed them, was suddenly plunged into a well of nostalgia knowing that I would never have that experience again.

There were times when I caught myself stroking my empty belly while watching my baby sleep, play, or laugh out loud with his siblings, and even thought he noticed their kicks! But that instinctive and typical gesture of pregnant women had now acquired another dimension.

My baby was out and I no longer needed to connect with him as I did during pregnancy through stroking my tummy. Now, those gentle pats on my abdomen carried an overwhelming nostalgic stamp; a mixture of sadness, longing for the passage of time and even a certain regret for not having been able to enjoy my pregnancies to the fullest.

And it is that the moment you realize that you will never have life inside you again, is when the phrase that that unknown woman told me finally makes sense, urging me to fully live my last weeks of pregnancy before you miss it.

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