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5 easy recipes with caramel and chocolate

Chocolate and caramel are two of the main ingredients of a good dessert, in these easy recipes you will find the way to blend them wonderfully. In the form of chocolates, cakes, cakes or muffins, they can unleash passions. Chocolate is capable of cheering us up in difficult moments, an energetic food that will become one of the protagonists of luxury desserts, breakfasts or snacks. With the caramel we will get the sweetness that every recipe needs. Dare to try any of these easy recipes with caramel and chocolate, the result is spectacular. The best recipes with caramel and chocolate These caramel and chocolate bonbons are a basic that will become that quick sweet that we prepare when we need a good dose of chocolate. Thanks to the caramel, we will be able to give them an extra sweetness that is always good. Delicious and easy to prepare, in 10 minutes we will have a good tray of chocolates ready to accompany a glass of cava. A delicious chocolate, coffee and caramel cream will give rise to more than a sigh of joy. When we see a dessert come out of the kitchen that is served in glasses and with ingredients as delicious as this one, it is impossible not to be surprised. The best thing about this dessert is that it is prepared at the speed of light and it is very easy to always have it ready, a good sweet spoon always encourages. The chocolate flan with caramel is one of the sweets that can best sit us. Thanks to this recipe we will be able to give a traditional dessert a more spectacular finish. The flan already has caramel, but the most typical is egg. We will use a sweet that always triumphs, chocolate is the ingredient that will become the base of this easy-to-cook wonder.This chocolate almond toffee is a vice. We can cook it to spend an afternoon on the terrace reading a book, watching television or enjoying a good conversation. It is one of those snacks that is going to become a staple of your kitchen, when you try it you can no longer stop eating it, or cooking it. The intense and full-bodied toffee caramel is the star of this recipe. A chocolate coulant with caramel sauce can end up being the star at the end of a very special evening. We can cook it with a few ingredients and leave it ready to give the final finish at the moment. The coulant has that combination of textures that with the caramel will be even more enhanced in every way. This dessert is one of the most spectacular and easy to prepare that exists.

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