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Best accommodation in Berlin

Berlin is a capital full of fun, strange, and beautiful attractions, so why shouldn’t your hotel reflect that? Plan a stay in one of the best accommodation in Berlin.

Staying out of town but wanting to stay somewhere amazing in Germany? Take a look at our list of the best hotels in Germany.


Germans love the outdoors, but they don’t always love them. The weather can be downright gloomy.

The Hüttenpalast has a very Berlin answer for visitors who want to stay outdoors in a city that is all too gray. Funky cabins and caravans from the 1930s, each its own private unit, are protected from the elements in a former vacuum factory.

Located in Neukölln, one of Berlin’s trendiest districts, the whole environment is quite eclectic. Everything is made from recycled products, a hammock asks you to relax, and a working garden provides flowers, herbs and vegetables.

Select from at least 10 unique caravans, or if you prefer a more traditional room, there are ‘normal’ hotel rooms.

  • Address : Hobrechtstraße 65, 12047 Berlin
  • Price : from 69 euros per night (with breakfast)

Propeller Island City Lodge

Everything is possible in these 31 extraordinary themed suites designed by an artist. Wilder than your dreams, there are rooms where the bed floats, a cage for the children, or a coffin bed suitable for a vampire.

Is rare. And wonderful.

  • Address : Albrecht-Achilles-Straße 58, 10709 Berlin
  • Price : from 79 euros per night


As in the movie “Good Bye Lenin!”, DDR’s reign never ended for Ostel. The ultimate in retro chic, visitors are transported back to East Berlin. It bills itself as ‘Berlin’s most original GDR design hostel’. From the Plattenbau style of the building to all the original tchotchkes, this place is the ideal time capsule for exploring Berlin.

  • Address : Wriezener Karree 5, 10243 Berlin
  • Price : from 30 euros per night for a single room

Hotel-Pension Funk

Nostalgia for a different color is at the heart of the Hotel-Pension Funk. Instead of the orange and brown of the GDR of the seventies, this hotel presents everything in the golden tones of the twenties. Right off the high-end Kurfürstendamm shopping street, this space once housed silent film star Asta Nielsen and now houses 14 Art Nouveau theaters.

  • Address : Fasanenstraße 69, 10719 Berlin
  • Price : from 80 euros per night

Arte Luise Art Hotel

Once again, a unique collection of rooms combine to make a hotel. 48 diverse rooms in the central Mitte neighborhood have been designed by an artist.

  • Address : Luisenstraße 19, 10117 Berlin.
  • Price : from 55 euros per night

Nhow Berlin

Berlin is always changing and Nhow reflects that modern projection. Designed by Sergei Tchoban, a metallic exterior opens up to a softer pink and white interior. In addition to the stellar design, the hotel focuses on a theme song with a top-notch recording studio, DJs in the bar, and a regular series of concerts.

Do you want to add to the beautiful music? Rent a Gibson guitar through room service along with some Sekt . Or take a step back from partying by booking a day at the spa.

  • Address : Stralauer Allee 3, 10245 Berlin
  • Price : from 130 euros per night

Michelberger Hotel

I’ve heard this hotel doesn’t like to be called a hipster, but it is. Located at the juncture of modern Friedrichshain and Kreuzberg, Michelberger is at the epicenter of the economic and the modern. Have a beer with friends you make at the hotel, hit nearby clubs, and then crash in the budget rooms (well-arranged, but a bit small).

  • Address : Warschauer Str. 39/40, 10243 Berlin
  • Price : from 130 euros per night

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