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Consuming energy drinks during pregnancy almost doubles the risk of stillbirth

Although during pregnancy we can continue to enjoy most of the foods and drinks that we usually consume without worry, we know that there are certain things that for the health of mother and baby should be avoided, such as alcohol and high caffeine consumption.

However, a recent study found that one in 20 women increased their caffeine intake during pregnancy, and that consuming energy drinks nearly doubled the risk of stillbirth , followed by other caffeinated beverages such as instant coffee and soda. .

The study

Published in the European Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology and Reproductive Biology , the study carried out by researchers from the University of Manchester analyzed the risk of caffeine consumption in pregnancy , according to the type of drink.

To do this, they followed more than 1,000 mothers in 41 UK hospitals between 2014 and 2016, who were also asked to answer interviews where they were asked about consuming caffeinated beverages during their pregnancies.

The results revealed that for every 100 milligrams of caffeine consumed, the risk of stillbirth increases by 27% , and that despite the fact that more than half of women reduced their caffeine consumption during pregnancy, one in 20 it did the opposite and increased it during this stage.

Of the drinks analyzed, energy drinks were found to increase the risk of stillbirth by 1.85 times , followed by instant coffee, which increased the risk 1.34 times, and caffeinated sodas, which increased by 1.23 times. Recently, we shared that energy drinks should not be consumed by children or adolescents either.

Fortunately, the highest consumption and the greatest source of caffeine in pregnant women came from tea , which, having low levels of caffeine, did not represent any significant risk (although we remember that there are certain infusions that should be avoided or moderate in pregnancy, due to the possible negative effects they can have on mom and baby).

Other beverages such as decaffeinated coffee, chai, green tea and hot chocolate were not shown to have any relationship with the risk of stillbirth.

Caffeine consumption in pregnancy

In recent years, various health organizations have established recommendations about the use of caffeine, which vary between 300 and 200 milligrams daily. However, more and more studies show that it would be best to avoid the consumption of certain beverages that contain it.

Energy drinks are undoubtedly one of those that we should avoid completely in pregnancy , because in addition to this type of products is not beneficial at all, they are extremely dangerous for the baby, even when breastfeeding.

As for coffee, which is one of the most consumed caffeinated beverages in the world and that many women enjoy during pregnancy, recent studies have found that there is no safe minimum amount, so the ideal would be to avoid it and drink only one cup occasionally.

We must remember that caffeine is a stimulant , and therefore accelerates the heart rate and can raise blood pressure, something not recommended if you are expecting a baby. By increasing the secretion of acids, it can cause heartburn, and we cannot forget that it often causes insomnia and nervousness.

If we talk about the effects on the baby, the risks are also quite high. High caffeine intake is associated with an increased risk of miscarriage and preterm delivery, as well as being overweight in infancy, while recommended or “safe” amounts are associated with low birth weight.

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