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Eating a Mediterranean diet and practicing mindfulness during pregnancy would help reduce the risk of having a low-weight baby

Having good habits during pregnancy is essential, since it is no longer just about our health, but also about our baby’s, so taking care of our body and our mind should be a priority.

Proof of the importance of having a healthy and positive lifestyle during pregnancy is a recent study carried out by Spanish researchers, in which it was found that eating a Mediterranean diet and practicing mindfulness could reduce the risk of babies being born with low weight.

Published in JAMA magazine, research carried out by a team from Hospital Sant Joan de Déu Barcelona, Hospital Clínic Barcelona and the University of Barcelona found that making certain changes in the pregnant woman’s lifestyle would benefit the growth of the baby .

In previous research, the team had found that in many cases mothers of low-birth-weight babies had poor diets and high levels of stress, so they decided to conduct a clinical trial that would change both.

To do this, structured Mediterranean diet or stress reduction interventions were carried out in 1,200 pregnant women at high risk of having a small baby, divided into three groups:

One who had visits with a nutritionist to follow a Mediterranean diet, another who followed a mindfulness program to reduce stress, and a control group with regular follow-up and no interventions.

According to their results, when the mother’s feeding is intervened and stress levels are reduced, the risk of the baby being born with low weight decreases between 29% and 36%.

The researchers explain that this is a pioneering study that will lead to new research, as it demonstrates the positive effect of a structured intervention during pregnancy.

Via | Sant Joan de Déu Barcelona

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