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How to make perfect sushi rice in 5 steps

Sushi rice is a staple that we cannot stop preparing over and over again. This base is the star of an impressive dish. Homemade sushi has saved us during these days when we have not been able to leave the house. To do it with a raw material that we are passionate about, such as the best quality fish that we have in Spain. A cod, a fresh salmon or our wonderful red tuna are the perfect excuse to prepare a good sushi rice in a simple way. Dare to become an expert in the art of cooking rice like a pro.


  • 370 gr of rice
  • 550 ml of water
  • 60 ml of rice vinegar
  • 2 tablespoons sugar
  • 1 teaspoon salt
  • How to prepare a rice for sushi Arroz para sushi: cómo preparar de forma sencilla

    1. The sushi rice must release as much starch as possible in this way it will have the texture we are looking for.
    2. Not just any rice will serve us, we start from the basis that we need the best or a specific one for sushi.
    3. If we opt for a conventional rice, we must treat it with the utmost respect. Cooking rice is not making white rice.
    4. We started to prepare the rice a few minutes before , we washed the rice under running water several times.
    5. We put the rice in a bowl with water . We change the water until it is clean, the white starch will disappear so that we can cook this delicacy the way we need.
    6. We prepare the water to boil the rice . The amounts must be exact so that we have the ideal sushi rice.
    7. When the water starts to boil, it will be time to put the rice . We are going to cook it for 15 minutes.
    8. Time plays a fundamental role in the art of cooking rice. The 15 minutes are sacred if we miss it, it can look bad and if we do it less hard.
    9. When there are 2 minutes left for the quarter of an hour that the rice needs, we put the rice vinegar and sugar in the microwave, we add salt.
    10. We melt the vinegar with the salt and sugar in the microwave, in this way it will mix perfectly with the rice. Arroz para sushi: cómo preparar de forma sencilla
    11. When we have the rice ready , we add this mixture that we have in the microwave.
    12. Sushi rice is fanned to cool down to the consistency and flavor that makes it stand out.
    13. We can put the rice on the mat with the seaweed so that it cools more quickly. We will have to put the fish or the ingredients that we want to turn into homemade sushi.

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