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How to sleep well in heat if you are pregnant and do not have air conditioning

Your sleep can be affected during pregnancy, especially during the third trimester when several factors that prevent you from sleeping well combine, such as not finding a comfortable position due to the size of your belly and having to get up frequently to go to the bathroom. Above in summer, another factor is added to the equation of bad sleep in pregnancy: heat .

If you don’t have air conditioning in your room, sleeping on hot summer nights when temperatures drop can become a real hell. We give you some tips so that you can sleep as fresh as possible .

Heat and pregnancy: how to get a good night’s sleep on summer nights

The fan, your best friend

The ideal temperature for sleeping is around twenty degrees, but a house without refrigeration in the middle of summer hardly reaches those values. If you don’t have air conditioning, the fan will become your best companion, so get a powerful one with a good air flow and place it at bedtime.

A trick to cool the air: place a container of ice in front of the fan . It will last as long as it takes for the ice to melt, so the bigger it is, the better.

Sleep with the windows open

As long as it’s safe , sleep with the bedroom window open. And even better if you sleep with the door open and open other windows in the house, so that the air circulates better.

Cools pillows and sheets

Some people put the pillow and sheets in the freezer or refrigerator wrapped in a bag for a few hours before going to bed. The problem is that the fridge must be big enough or the pillow too small, but if you want to try it, you won’t lose anything.

Keep the house cool

During the day, make sure that the house is as cool as possible, so at night the temperature will be more comfortable. Open the windows first thing in the morning to ventilate, but when the heat starts to squeeze, close them a bit and lower the blinds .

A shower before bed

Before you go to bed, take a shower and wet your hair. Although cold water may be the first thing we think about, according to the Biological Institute of Health, the remedy is worse than the disease. The cold shower causes a momentary term shock that reactivates energy expenditure by producing more body heat.

As we do not want to increase the heat, a shower with warm water is therefore recommended to sleep more comfortably.

A bag of cold water

You can use the hot water bottle that you use in winter to warm your feet, but by placing cold water and some ice inside it. Keeping some parts of the body cool like ankles, feet and wrists will help you sleep better.

Out the pillow bunker

If you are pregnant, you may have built a pillow bunker in your bed. If so, reduce the number of pillows and cushions to a minimum for comfortable sleep.

Light sleepwear

The less clothes you wear to sleep, the better. Choose light and breathable cotton or linen clothing, and avoid synthetics. Make sure the sheets are also cotton or linen, as fresh as possible, and that your mattress is placed on the summer side, if you have that option.

Light and refreshing dinners

Avoid large dinners that make digestion difficult, as well as stimulating, carbonated, sugary or coffee drinks. Choose refreshing foods like gazpacho, fruits and vegetables and forget about fried and spicy ones.

Don’t go to bed immediately after dinner to prevent heartburn. We don’t want any more fire inside.

Fresh water

Take an XXL glass of fresh water to the bedside table. So you can hydrate during the night and replace the fluid lost by sweating without having to get up. Of course, if you drink a lot, it will make you go to the bathroom more at night.

We hope these cool tips help you sleep better on summer nights if you’re pregnant and don’t have air conditioning at home .

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