FunIs Cola Cao or Nesquik better? The OCU has...

Is Cola Cao or Nesquik better? The OCU has the answer

There has always been a great debate about whether Cola Cao and Nesquik are better. Both sides have their followers and detractors, and until now choosing one or the other brand basically depended on the tastes of each user. Now the OCU, based on objective data, has an answer about which product is better in terms of nutritional value: Cola Cao or Nesquik. Cocoa powder used as a solvent in milk is one of the most consumed products in Spanish households, both older and younger. For years both companies have fought a great battle to become the favorite of consumers, with innovative designs, songs, new varieties of the product, songs … Nothing has been lacking! Now several experts from the Consumer and User Organization want end the eternal debate and have analyzed the nutritional value of the products of the main brands that we can find in supermarkets in Spain.The first thing to keep in mind is that they are very unhealthy products, and some have a sugar content of more 65%. Therefore, it is best to opt for those that have a 100% average cocoa content, that is, they are “pure” and do not contain added sugar. Nesquik or Cola Cao? The OCU responds In the first place in the ranking there is none of the products of these companies, but the cocoa-based preparation that Alcampo sells under the white brand Auchan. It is a product with an ‘A’ rating and that provides 319 kilocalories per 100 grams. It barely has 2 grams of sugar per 100, and its price is 2.57 euros. Second and third place is for Valorcao a la copa, from Valor, and Caobon, from Mercadona, respectively.Both have obtained the qualification ‘A’ of the experts of the OCU. The first has no added sugar and provides 276 kilocalories, while the second has 5 grams of sugar and provides 293 kilocalories. The fourth product that appears on the list is AvenaCacao, by Cola Cao. Other varieties of this company that are in the TOP 10 are the Cola Cao Noir, the Cola Cao 0% added sugars with fiber, the Cola Cao 0% added sugars and the pure Cola Cao, however Nesquik does not have any of the best 10 cocoa powder for the Organization of Consumers and Users.

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