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Pampering yourself during pregnancy is not only for you: your baby also enjoys it

Pregnancy is a very important stage in a woman’s life. In addition to gestating a new life, the mother herself is going through a series of important changes, both physically and mentally. Therefore, it is important that it be a stage in which you feel comfortable and calm .

One of the things we can do to achieve this -in addition to resting and following the doctor’s instructions- is pampering ourselves and doing things that give us satisfaction. But these things don’t just benefit us. We tell you how pampering yourself during pregnancy is also something that your baby enjoys .

self-care in pregnancy

As we have already mentioned on other occasions, taking care of ourselves is something that influences our mental and emotional well-being , and for this reason self-care should also be considered essential during pregnancy.

At this stage in particular, we must focus on activities that help us to be relaxed and allow us to reach a state of calm and happiness , because as various studies have shown, the emotional health of the pregnant woman also influences the baby.

During pregnancy there are various things we can do to pamper ourselves and pamper ourselves: from a prenatal massage (always with someone who is certified) to a spa day, an afternoon of reading or a little meditation.

Your baby also enjoys those pampering

Undoubtedly all the things we do to have a moment of relaxation and joy are very enjoyable, but during pregnancy this becomes something that the baby also enjoys , and that also has benefits for him.

Having a good rest and practicing activities such as meditation or mindfulness help us achieve a state of calm and peace, something that we also transmit to the baby and that, according to a study, helps him to self-regulate and calm down in the months after birth. birth.

On the other hand, one of the things that many women do during this stage is to pay special attention to our belly. We caress her, touch her and do our best to pamper her whenever possible , with creams and special treatments for this stage, as well as talking to her with great affection and enthusiasm. But did you know that this is also enjoyed by your baby?

According to other research carried out a few years ago, babies also respond to the caresses that the mother makes to her belly , moving her arms and legs in response to these stimuli.

In general, by pampering ourselves we are also doing it with our baby , because pregnancy is a stage in which the bond between the two is present both physically, mentally and emotionally.

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