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Rest in pregnancy: why is it important and how to achieve it?

During pregnancy, a woman’s body works overtime to provide the baby with everything it needs to grow strong and healthy. This has the effect that we can feel lacking in energy and more exhausted than usual.

In addition, we cannot forget the discomforts of pregnancy and the many concerns that come to mind every day. With all this, it is possible that your body and your mind need a rest in the pregnancy , a respite, a pause.

Why is it important to rest during pregnancy?

During the first months, the body itself asks for rest, listen to it. The typical discomforts of this stage such as nausea, vomiting, extreme tiredness and sleep are relieved with a good rest. Being tired is not a sign of weakness, much less, during pregnancy the body uses extra energy, so it is logical to feel fatigued.

We should not underestimate rest during pregnancy. Stress can affect us during pregnancy, it can cause anxiety, insomnia, depression… and manifest itself in physical symptoms such as headache, muscle tension, back pain… Continued and intense stress can affect the development of pregnancy, causing risk of preterm birth or low birth weight babies.

Resting is good for your physical and mental health, but it is also good for the baby, because if you are rested, it improves blood flow, optimizing the arrival of oxygen and nutrients to the baby .

It’s time to slow down a bit and find moments of relaxation in your daily life.

Rest routines in pregnancy

Take a few minutes a day just for you

Lying on the couch for a few minutes a day to read or listen to relaxing music or take a bath can be healthy routines to incorporate during pregnancy.

practice yoga

Yoga is one of the most recommended exercises during pregnancy, since it not only tones the muscles, provides flexibility and favors the function of the organs -among other benefits-, but also facilitates relaxation .

If you can’t go to a center, you can practice it by attending online classes without leaving home. The different postures will help you a lot to lower the revolutions of the day to day and focus on your well-being.

Sleep 8 hours, and if possible, nap

At night, do not subtract hours of sleep. Resign other activities to sleep your 8 sacred hours and if possible, take a nap after lunch or at least a nap, or rest on the sofa with your legs up.

Do relaxation exercises

Relaxation exercises can be done once a day, at a time that suits you best. There are different techniques that you can put into practice through breathing, meditation, visualization, etc.

They usually work very well before going to bed, as they help us fall asleep and rest better, especially in the final stretch of pregnancy, when we feel most uncomfortable.

keep stress away

Try to remove stress from your life and avoid strenuous work situations as much as possible. Numerous studies link maternal stress with problems in the baby, demonstrating how the state of the mother’s health influences pregnancy.

Therefore, along with a correct diet and moderate exercise, rest is one of the essential recommendations for a healthy pregnancy.

Other things you can do

Opt for walks, go out into nature, reduce noise sources, avoid caffeine, do things that comfort you such as crafts, painting or knitting, taking it as a moment of relaxation.

Take a trip to rest from the routine, even if it’s a weekend getaway to a nearby place.

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