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The 13 most frequent mistakes in pregnancy that you should avoid

Pregnancy is a unique stage in a woman’s life, characterized by a total transformation of mind and body. At this stage, it is normal to have hundreds of doubts -especially if you are a first-timer- and as in any new situation in life, to make some mistakes.

For this reason, we have made a list of the most frequent mistakes that usually occur during pregnancy , so that you can avoid them and have a healthy and happy pregnancy.

eat for two

We start our list of common mistakes in pregnancy with one of the most popular myths about pregnancy : that the mother should eat for two now that she is expecting a baby. Nothing further from reality.

Although it is true that we may need to increase the consumption of certain healthy foods and drink more water than usual, during pregnancy a woman’s metabolism adapts to nourish her and the baby , without the need to increase too many calories.

Now more than ever, it is important to follow a healthy diet, rich in nutritious and moisturizing foods , which, in addition to helping to prevent excessive weight gain, helps prevent complications that may occur during this stage, such as gestational diabetes.

Consume prohibited things

In second place on our list, we have another point related to food. While pregnant women can technically continue to eat just about anything while they’re expecting their baby, there are some foods and drinks to avoid .

Alcohol, for example, is completely prohibited during this stage , because every drop that is drunk also reaches the baby. Coffee is another drink with which we must be especially careful, as the most recent studies have found that even amounts that were supposed to be “safe” can affect the baby.

On the other hand, we have foods that are off-limits during pregnancy , such as those that are raw (such as eggs, shellfish, and meat), unpasteurized dairy foods and beverages, and fish with high levels of mercury.

Do not take folic acid

Folic acid is an essential vitamin for pregnancy. Although it is necessary for everyone, an extra contribution is required during pregnancy , since the lack of it can cause serious defects in the baby’s neural tube, such as spina bifida or anencephaly.

Usually, this extra supply of folic acid is recommended by the doctor or gynecologist through supplements or special vitamins for pregnancy, but we can also help to obtain a little more through our diet.


Taking medications without a doctor’s prescription or recommendation is never recommended, especially during pregnancy. Many of the medications that we regularly take can be harmful to the baby, so always consult a doctor .

Even paracetamol, which is one of the few drugs considered safe during pregnancy, should be taken with caution , as excessive amounts or combined with other drugs also harm the baby.

Skipping visits to the gynecologist

Speaking of going to the doctor, during pregnancy it is a stage in which we must go to him frequently. Appointments to the gynecologist during this stage are what allow us to know if our pregnancy is progressing as it should.

In addition to seeing how we have felt and answering questions, during these check-ups they will do blood tests (very important for us and the baby) and ultrasounds, necessary to detect if there are any problems.

Gain excess kilos

Do you remember not eating for two? One of the reasons why it is not recommended to do this -in addition to not being necessary- is that an excessive intake of calories during the course of causing an increase in kilos is not recommended , which can lead to complications derived from being overweight, such as high blood pressure, eclampsia, gestational diabetes, growth retardation of the baby in the womb, premature birth, significant bleeding during childbirth….

not exercising

Some years ago it was thought that pregnant women should not make any kind of effort and carry their pregnancy carefully and calmly. But although it is true that we should not demand more from our body during this stage, we should not make the mistake of not exercising. This is such a common mistake that four out of ten women stop exercising for fear of harming the baby.

But various studies have found that in addition to helping control excessive weight gain during this stage, exercising during pregnancy improves the baby’s lung function and reduces the risk of asthma, reduces the risk of gestational diabetes and also, Helps shorten the duration of labor.

not rest

Just as there are women who think that they should be super careful and not make any effort during pregnancy, we also have the opposite pole: women who do not take the time to take a break and want to do everything without help.

Although it is true that we are capable of many things, during pregnancy it is important to remember to take breaks to allow our body to rest , because as wonderful and strong as it may be, at this stage rest is vital and necessary.

Forgetting to care for and moisturize the skin

Taking care of the skin is always important, but during pregnancy it is even more so. Our body goes through a great transformation, in which a large part of our skin will undergo several changes . Therefore, it is important to make sure we take good care of it, keeping it hydrated and protecting it adequately from the sun.

Also, although stretch marks can be hereditary, taking care of our skin will help reduce the probability of having them.

Buy things you won’t need

In the excitement for the upcoming arrival of our baby, we can go a little crazy wanting to buy everything necessary: clothes, diapers, crib, blankets, toys, stuffed animals… the list can become endless!

But the reality is that babies do not need as many things as we might think and there are some that you can avoid buying completely, since they will hardly use them (I speak for all the moms who, like me, ended up with the crib as a coat rack or toy storage ).

Here is a list of the items I consider essential for the baby’s first year, many of which you can buy even after they are born.

Listen to advice from around the world

This is a common situation: as soon as you announce that you are having a baby, everyone around you magically becomes a parenting expert. While it’s okay to listen to the advice of experienced parents, you don’t have to follow all of it . Stick with what works for you and your baby, and don’t worry if you do things differently than others.

leave no time for you

Finally, something I often talk about in Babies and More : mommy time. Although we usually focus on those who already have children, self-care during pregnancy is also important.

Getting a prenatal message, going to a spa, reading, meditating, or signing up for a prenatal exercise class are just a few ideas of things you can do for your self-care moments during pregnancy .

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