FunWhat is the animal that sleeps the most hours...

What is the animal that sleeps the most hours a day?

All animals are lazy, but some are more “lazy” than others. D ormir is a fundamental part of life and wild animals were not going to be less; they need it too. While humans require a certain amount of sleep each night to function optimally and stay physically and mentally healthy, for animals, there is a completely different set of criteria.



During this regular period of inactivity, our bodies repair damaged cells and restore depleted energy stores. It is also crucial for our psychological well-being, to process and consolidate memories, which improves both the retention of new information and skills, as well as the levels of concentration during our waking hours.


The amount of sleep that animals need varies by species, but one thing we know for sure: some animals sleep much more than humans. Is the sloth the sleepiest? Popularly, there is a belief that lazy people are lazy and sleepy and therefore those who sleep the most, but it does not hold the first place.


In general, herbivores sleep less time than carnivores, because they need to spend more time chewing to get enough energy from their food. This is especially true for such particular animals as giraffes. In the 1970s, scientists observed that giraffes in the wild only slept soundly for 5 to 30 minutes a day. There is a lot to chew every day.


The truth is that there are a few specimens characterized by their long daily dreams in the arms of Morpheus. Excluding the hibernation period, the animal that sleeps the most hours is undoubtedly the koala with a total of 22 hours each day. The truth is that he hardly wakes up and the remaining two hours are spent eating and cleaning.


It is by no means the only animal in nature that sleeps so much. They are closely followed by these others: the sloth (sleeping about 20 hours a day), the armadillo (19 hours a day), the opossum (19 hours a day), the lemur (16 hours a day), the hamster ( 14 hours a day), the squirrel (which equals 14 hours a day), the cat (13 hours a day) or the pig (13 hours a day). We do not forget the dogs . Your daily sleep periods are between 12 or 13 hours a day; however, his sleep is not continuous but is divided between the nocturnal period and the daytime naps.

Why do they sleep so much?

Well, there is no clear answer, although for certain animals, such as dogs, size seems to have something to do with it (this is why larger breeds spend more time sleeping than smaller breeds). According to the National Sleep Foundation , there could also be a correlation between brain size and sleep (animals with large brains for their body size need significantly more REM sleep than others), as well as metabolic rate and sleep (the species with high metabolic rates for their body size they need less REM sleep).

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