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5 recipes for salads with mayonnaise ready in 5 minutes

Mayonnaise is the bacon of salads, everything that has a little of this sauce tastes better, in these recipes we will be able to enjoy it to the fullest. Let’s forget the calories in mayonnaise, we can prepare it at home to achieve a healthy and delicious result. This sauce takes 1 minute to prepare. We put an egg in the blender glass, add two teaspoons of lemon juice, a pinch of salt and sunflower or olive oil. We whisk and we have the mayonnaise, the key ingredient in these spectacular salads. The 5 Fastest and Most Delicious Mayonnaise Salad Recipes This spaghetti salad with mayonnaise and tuna is quite a discovery. It has everything a dish needs to shine, a good raw material that will be covered in glory with the arrival of impressive flavors. Spaghetti is a pantry fund that you will find in tuna and mayonnaise your best ally. The result is a very appetizing summer salad. A pasta salad with orange mayonnaise is always a good option to enjoy some basic ingredients. Like spaghetti, pasta, like macaroni, is liked by everyone. In this case we will add a citrus touch to the mayonnaise to enhance the fresh finish of this salad. A good tuper salad or dinner on the terrace ready in 5 minutes. Cuban cold salad is made with pasta and is one of the easiest to cook and delicious out there. If we are unconditional fans of Cuban rice, this dish will not disappoint. We are going to prepare it in the blink of an eye with some basic ingredients that we have in our kitchen. It will remind a little of the Russian salad, but with the base pasta.This potato salad with quail eggs is a good starter. A most elegant combination of flavors, perfect to serve in one of those quick dinners in which we need to look good. With a good table of national Iberian and this salad we will get an evening not to forget in 5 minutes. Quail eggs will give this dish a gourmet touch. A chicken and potato salad is the most complete and delicious. We can eat it as a single dish on those days when we fancy a fancy fast food. The combination of potatoes and chicken with mayonnaise is delicious on its own. We won’t need much more to make the summer salad. In a seafront tuper or in the office counting the days for vacations is a good option.

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