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Choline in pregnancy: this is how this nutrient benefits your baby

Surely many of us had not heard of choline, but it is an essential nutrient for humans and also plays a very important role during pregnancy , since it is involved in the development of the fetus’s brain.

A recent study has also found that consuming more choline during pregnancy increases the attention of children. This was carried out over a period of 7 years, during which time choline supplementation was given to two groups of pregnant women (one with 480 mg of choline/day, and the other with 930 mg of choline/day during the third trimester). ).

At 7 years of initiation, the children’s performance was studied and it was found that the group that performed best on tasks that required mindfulness was the one whose mothers took twice the recommended amount of choline during pregnancy.

How and how much choline should we consume during pregnancy?

Choline is a naturally occurring amine found in eggs, milk, meats, legumes, nuts, mushrooms, quinoa, broad beans, broccoli, and Brussels sprouts. Some prenatal supplements also include it in their composition.

The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) recommends that pregnant women receive 450 mg per day and lactating women 550 mg per day, respectively, although based on the study mentioned at the beginning, it is possible that these values need to be updated.

What benefits does choline offer to the baby?

  • Choline is essential for the formation of the structures of the organs , the nervous system and the baby’s brain.
  • It is essential for the proper functioning of all cells , since it maintains the structural integrity of the cell membrane.
  • Choline contributes to normal homocysteine metabolism. If there is any alteration in the values of this amino acid, a dysfunction can occur in the placenta that has been related to pregnancy complications such as abortion, premature birth or preeclampsia.
  • Taking choline during pregnancy increases the baby’s cognition, as it prevents neural tube defects during pregnancy, a determining factor for the correct brain and memory development of the baby during lactation.

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