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Crispy cane honey aubergines, a delicious recipe for World Bee Day

Crispy aubergines with honey is a classic. This recipe of Cordovan origin has a very special place in Spanish gastronomy and can never be absent in any type of tasting of traditional dishes. The crunchy aubergine sticks with cane honey are a good option as an aperitif or as a side dish in more elaborate dishes with meat or fish. A delight that we can easily enjoy at any time of the year. For this recipe for aubergines with cane honey we will use a very special ingredient to achieve that firm and crunchy texture that we find in the best restaurants. Are you interested? Well, do not miss it below. Ingredients for the crunchy aubergines with cane honey 2 aubergines 250 ml of sparkling water 50 grams of wheat flour 80 ml of cane honey 150 ml of extra virgin olive oil Salt Preparation The first step to prepare our recipe will be to wash the aubergines and cut them into the shape of a stick. We put the eggplant sticks in salted water to remove the bitterness of this vegetable. We take them out and drain them after a few minutes. Now we put the eggplant sticks back into the carbonated water for at least 30 minutes. We take out of the water and drain. Now we pass the canes in flour and shake them so that a very thin layer is created. We fry them in plenty of very hot oil. It is important that the oil is not cold, but that it is very hot. A good way to keep the oil from getting cold is to make them in small batches.Once we have all the fried canes, we water them with a good jet of honey. We also have the option of placing the honey in a container and each diner serving whatever they want. It will depend a lot on whether or not you all like honey at home. This dish should be made just before serving so that the crispy cane honey aubergines are delicious. Crispy aubergines with cane honey are usually accompanied with a good Cordovan salmorejo, yes, without the classic hard-boiled egg or ham, just aubergines and salmorejo. A good option to alleviate the summer heat. If you want to reduce the calories in this dish, you have the option of following the same steps only as in the oven. This way you won’t have to dip the eggplant sticks into the olive oil.

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