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Grilled salmon with avocado and chickpea puree, easy fish recipe

This Roasted Salmon with Chickpea and Avocado Puree is a wonder that is so easy to cook. Salmon is a blue fish that we reserve for these most important dates or we eat on special occasions. It is an essential fish to take care of ourselves with a high amount of Omega 3 fatty acids. A basic that we will reinforce with a chickpea puree fused with an impressive fruit, the avocado. This sauce full of color and fiber will complete the protein of the fish. If you want to cook a healthy and delicious first course, take note of this grilled salmon with chickpea puree and avocado. Ingredients for roasted salmon with chickpea puree 4 salmon loins 400 gr of chickpeas 2 avocados Juice of 1 lemon Olive oil Pepper Salt Basil Preparation This recipe is very simple to prepare and offers us the possibility of bringing a healthy dish to the table with delicious fresh ingredients. We will use a quality raw material to achieve a spectacular result. We will start by preparing the puree. Chickpeas can be cooked at the moment or by boté. If we choose to cook them, it is important to soak them the night before so that they soften and are easier to cook. We put the chickpeas with water, a bay leaf and an onion to boil until they are ready. We drain the chickpeas if they are fresh or boté. If we opt for a ready-made product, we put them under the tap with cold water until they are perfect. We put them directly in the blender glass. We mash the chickpeas until a puree is ready that we will complete with the avocado. We cut this fruit in half, remove the bone and put all the pulp with the chickpeas.Season to taste and add a splash of lemon to achieve the intense green color of the avocado. Blend again, the avocado will have given it a much creamier and more intense texture. To give it a more beautiful green tone, we add some basil leaves. It will be a fresh complement that will bring joy to this puree. Salmon loins can be fresh or frozen. We are going to season them to taste. We prepare the pan with a little oil. We put the fish that will take about 4 minutes per side to be ready. When we have the salmon ready we put it on the plate accompanied by the puree. Decorate a little with the basil. We will have a simple and delicious fish recipe ready, we will only have to try it.

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