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Salmon bombitas stuffed with avocado, recipe for a delicious appetizer

The salmon balls stuffed with avocado are delicious and attractive to the palate. It could be said that this is an elaboration fruit of the new gastronomy trends. In addition, it has the great advantage that it is prepared very quickly. This is the type of food you see at parties and also in gourmet restaurants. Without a doubt, it is an ideal food for people with eating plans to lose fat. These salmon bombs offer great flavor from just a few ingredients. The variations of textures that can be perceived in this food are remarkable. On the outside, the salmon and the basic bread solidify the most superficial part a little. But when the bombitas explode on the palate, the poached-style cooked egg comes out. Avocado also has an excellent somewhat doughy texture, thanks to its mixture with cream cheese. This recipe for salmon balls stuffed with avocado provides us with many nutrients. This presentation only has a minimum amount of carbohydrates for the basic bread. As for the rest, all foods are low in fat and rich in vitamins and minerals. The avocado provides fatty acids and the salmon guarantees quality protein, as does the egg. Next, you will see how to prepare them… Pay attention! Ingredients: 70 grams of smoked salmon ½ avocado 1 eggs 50 grams of cream cheese ½ Lemon 1 slices of sliced bread Olive oil How to prepare salmon balls stuffed with avocado: Cover a round mold with the salmon up to the ends. Mix the cream cheese with the avocado in a bowl. Pour the lemon juice over the cream cheese and avocado. Mash the cream cheese and avocado mixture using a fork.Cover a small container with plastic wrap and break the egg on top with a few drops of oil. Close the plastic wrap with the raw egg inside as if it were a chocolate, so that the liquid does not come out. Heat a pot of water. Put the egg in the plastic wrap in the pot with water and cook for four minutes. Toast the sliced bread. Place a little of the avocado mixture, the egg, and then the bread on the salmon. Seal the bomb with the bread that will serve as the base, turn the mold over and carefully remove it. A good way to assemble the bomb is to place the egg between two layers of the avocado mixture. This allows a degradation of the textures of the food. The salmon balls stuffed with avocado do not need salt or pepper. However, this is now up to you… Let’s cook!

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