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3 original recipes to prepare a classic Santiago cake

The Tarta de Santiago is one of our most exquisite sweets that exists. With a buttery interior based on almonds, it manages to awaken passions. The crunchy touch and the sweetness of the surface with the chopped almonds and icing sugar crown the recipe par excellence of the almond cakes of our gastronomy. Easy to prepare and with some basic ingredients, we can create the ultimate sweet, as a dessert, breakfast or snack, these 3 original recipes will help you see the classic Santiago Tart of a lifetime with different eyes. The best original and easy to prepare Santiago cake recipes Homemade Santiago cake is one that we can easily prepare without having any idea of pastries. As it is a sweet without yeast and with a strong dough, it makes its production process easier. If we have the right amount of each of the ingredients, a greased or lined with baking paper and a proper oven will be fine. It’s just a matter of paying attention to the raw material and the cooking time. A good gluten-free Santiago cake with pistachios will help you discover a classic. We are going to cook it with some new ingredients that will give it a slightly different flavor, but with the same extraordinary presentation that we are looking for. Pistachios are one of the fashionable nuts, we find them in a wide variety of stores and it is not for less given their good properties. In sweets, pistachios are good allies of the best possible flavors.The Santiago chocolate cake will be the dessert of the moment. A spectacular combination of flavors thanks to the almonds and chocolate that will arrive at the table as a wonderful bite. The chocolate will change the flavor and although not entirely, it will preserve the creaminess of the dough combined with the texture that has crowned this cake to the top. If you want to reinterpret the Santiago cake, the time has come to do it with the best possible ingredients. This almond cake is a classic of traditional cuisine that is very similar to the Santiago cake, with some nuances we will achieve the result we are looking for. A cake that will find its best ally in almonds and will be completely transformed. Include this cake among the versions of the Santiago cake, the result will really be worth it in every way.

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