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5 healthy ice cream recipes for summer 2021

We show you 5 healthy ice creams for the summer that are totally homemade, easy to prepare and cheap. With a series of natural ingredients we can fill our freezer with healthy products and refresh ourselves in an extraordinary way. If you want to start experimenting with some very simple recipes, you can take note of these 5. Based on fruits and little else, you will get some ice cream results. Take note of how to prepare the best healthy ice creams, it is worth trying them all. Pear sorbet Pear sorbet ice cream is sweet on its own and very refreshing. With a fruit like pear that already has that characteristic flavor, accompanied by large doses of vitamins and a little love, we will create a dessert that makes history. Take note of how to prepare this sorbet, it will always be perfect. Ingredients: 3 pears Juice of 2 oranges 4 tablespoons of brown sugar The zest of 1 lemon Preparation: We wash the pears, peel them and put them directly in the blender glass. If you like it with a few bits, you can grate one to find its bits. Add the juice of the 2 oranges and the zest of a lemon. Finally, we put the sugar. We beat these ingredients well. We put the mixture in the freezer. Before serving, we beat it again to make a much more delicate sorbet. Banana and Chocolate Popsicles Banana and chocolate popsicles are the easiest dessert to prepare. Ideal to prepare in the company of the smallest of the family. They are simple and help to introduce a wonderful fruit like banana into the daily diet in a somewhat special way. Take note of these amazing healthy ice creams. Ingredients: 2 bananas 150 gr of dark chocolate to melt30 ml of sunflower oil Grated coconut Chopped walnuts Preparation: Peel the bananas and cut them into slices of about the same size. For this recipe we will use some ripe but firm bananas. We put the bananas on a pole pole or similar. Freeze for at least 15 minutes. They can be in the freezer for as long as necessary. We chop and melt the dark chocolate. We take the bananas out of the freezer, bathe them in dark chocolate and coat them with grated coconut or chopped walnuts. Creamy Pineapple Coconut Ice Cream Creamy Pineapple Coconut Ice Cream has two ingredients that blend into a wonderful dance of incredible flavors. Pineapple and coconut is one of the best possible combinations when preparing any sweet. The reality is that these two ingredients already have a flavor that means that they do not need anything else, no sugar or any other element. Take note of the simplicity made ice cream. Ingredients: 1 ripe pineapple 1 can of coconut milk Preparation: We start this ice cream by preparing the pineapple. We peel and chop it, placing it directly in the blender glass. It has to be fresh, the one they sell in a can contains too much water. We incorporate the content of the can of coconut milk. We mix these two ingredients and pour the contents into a freezer-safe dish. We stir every 15 minutes until the desired texture is achieved. Lemon ice creamLemon ice cream is a classic that is worth preparing to enjoy a special ending to a meal. It has few ingredients and is really refreshing. Lemon is a fruit with that acid touch and a great contribution of vitamins that are very necessary for our body, it will also help us to make digestion in a much more bearable way. Dare to prepare your own lemon ice cream. Ingredients: 1 cup of milk 1 cup of lemon juice 1 Greek yogurt 1 can of condensed milk Preparation: We prepare the ingredients, put all these flavors in the blender glass. We started with milk and lemon juice. We continue with the yogurt and condensed milk. We beat everything and freeze. In an hour you should be ready to eat the best lemon ice cream you’ve ever tasted. Natural strawberry ice cream Natural strawberry ice cream is prepared with fresh ingredients and represents a dose of vitamins and flavor that must be taken into account. Having the possibility of creating an ice cream that has fruits, such as strawberries and bananas, and a little cheese on hand can be a fresh, fun and delicious snack for the whole family. If you want to take care of yourself while you enjoy, take note of this recipe. Ingredients: 400 gr of strawberries 1 banana ½ cup of skimmed milk Juice of half a lemon 2 cups of fresh cheese 0% smoothie Preparation: For this recipe we will start one day before. We peel and cut the fruit to freeze it. This ice cream is prepared and served at the moment, the secret is to always have the fruit in the freezer. The strawberries and banana will be frozen and cut into small pieces that will go directly to the blender glass. We add the milk and the fresh cheese. We beat everything until we get a wonderful strawberry ice cream texture.

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