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5 recipes for desserts with honey to celebrate world bee day

Today is the world day of the bees, without them life on this planet would not be possible. Its most valuable fruit, honey is a natural sweetener that we use in a wide variety of desserts. Honey is also one of the most used elements in beauty rituals and for personal care. A basic ingredient that will give us many joys in the kitchen hand in hand with incredible cakes, cookies or muffins with a natural sweetness that will make you fall in love with the first bite. Dare to try the best recipes with honey to celebrate this special day. The best dessert recipes with honey Good muffins with walnuts and honey are perfect for a spectacular breakfast, snack or dessert. Honey will become the most desired natural sweetener in this simple sponge cake. They are very easy to prepare, with a tea, coffee or glass of milk we will enjoy them to the fullest. A good healthy option from the hand of a grandmother’s recipe. The honey cake is a classic of the gastronomy of our country. This recipe has multiple variables due to our geography. Formerly each house could have a type of cake of this type. The lucky ones who could have honey nearby used it wonderfully thanks to a recipe full of good sensations. We can add sugar or make it entirely of honey. Some honey cookies are one of those snacks that always wins. We can cook them easily and without complications. Thanks to the honey we will give them a very special finish. A sweetener that will give a lot of personality to some cookies that we can prepare over and over again. Children can help us to prepare them without any complications.Honey sesame cupcakes are one of those recipes that are made at the speed of light. A mouthful worthy of the gods that has an oriental air that we cannot miss. Prepare green or black tea, these cakes are perfect with this base of good sensations. A good way to cook with honey that we will love the first bite. This honey and cottage cheese cookie tart is a spectacular combination of ingredients. A quick treat that will become the star of a luxury dinner or meal. Honey and cottage cheese are a wonderful dance partner, sweetness and creaminess merge in this universe full of good sensations. If you put it in the freezer you will have a luxurious dessert.

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