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5 traditional recipes to celebrate the night of San Juan

The night of San Juan is characterized by being that of bonfires and fire , in these traditional recipes we will feel the magic of this special day, this year accompanied by the full moon. We are going to set course for a series of flavors in which the sea has its main role, in coastal areas there is a tradition of feeling its presence, not only bathing during this moon, but also eating its fruits. Take on how to prepare traditional recipes to celebrate the most special night of San Juan.

Traditional recipes to celebrate the night of San Juan

Grilled sardines cannot be absent from any traditional menu. We are going to enjoy an ingredient that comes directly and gives us a series of incredible good properties. This blue fish will become the protagonist of a night in which we will look at the sea and we will do it with a very special meal.

Veal meatballs are also a reality in this San Juan, also called ‘pilotes’, a way of giving meat a prominence that in some parts of our geography is achieved by including an egg. We can cook them as tapas, they can be eaten perfectly on the beach and watch the sun go down on the shortest night of the year, it is a good, easy option to prepare.

The queimada is a tradition in Galicia. This drink that we can prepare whenever we feel like it will welcome you to a very special date. San Juan will become the perfect excuse to let the fire also flood the way of cooking and preparing a series of drinks that will stand out on their own. We are going to enjoy this queimada near the beach or the water. 5 recetas tradicionales para celebrar la noche de San Juan

The menjar blanc cannot be missed in this San Juan, a typical Majorcan recipe that is also cooked in Catalonia. It is a cream with rice flour or almonds with milk infused with lemon and cinnamon. A light delight that prepares the body for an almost infinite dance, that of the longest night of the year. A different dessert from the traditional coca.

Coca de San Juan is a sweet that is gaining ground. With a dough similar to brioche or roscón, fluffy and filled with cream, cream or chocolate, this coca is a delight that with a bottle of cava will welcome you to a stage of great joys. San Juan is the gateway to summer and the magic of a very special night.

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