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Arugula properties and health benefits

Arugula is one of the star ingredients in many of the salad recipes we eat in summer. This food that has come to our table to stay goes beyond a simple vegetable, it is a very healthy ingredient that we must incorporate not only into salads, but also to healthy stews, sandwiches or smoothies, in the same way that we do with the spinach. If you want to discover all the secrets of arugula, take note of its main benefits and properties that will make you love it and incorporate it into your healthy weekly menu as a star ingredient.

These are the benefits and properties of arugula

Arugula is a vegetable with a high amount of vitamin K. It is responsible for the health of the bones and helps in the creation of tissues in the body. Therefore, if we want to stay in top shape for longer, we need arugula. We can eat it in delicious sandwiches as a snack or breakfast, with a little avocado and cheese, the result is a healthy delight that with a little whole wheat bread will give us more than one joy.

It prevents the degeneration of nerves and bones thanks to the oxalates it contains. It is one of the few foods that has this composition. The arugula can be grown in our garden or home, it is a basic ingredient that with a little care and care we will always have fresh. It will be the base of a great variety of recipes, it will be worth the effort.

It provides us with quality nutrients, it is rich in essential minerals . Incorporating foods with these nutrients plays a fundamental role in our health, we must bet on each of them to be in top shape and stay in perfect condition. The folic acid it contains is essential if you are pregnant.

It benefits our intestinal health . This food will help us to maintain something so important, such as intestinal transit. It will help in case we have constipation problems. We will increase the body’s defenses, enhancing the immune system that feeds on each of the nutrients and the lifestyle we have.

Helps to lose weight . Arugula is one of the ingredients that nutritionists recommend for weight loss. It has a prebiotic effect that we cannot miss. This vegetable will give us more of a surprise as we notice its benefits and properties, arugula is a fashionable ingredient that should not be missing from any shopping list.

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