LivingRecipesBeetroot gazpacho: a fresh recipe for summer

Beetroot gazpacho: a fresh recipe for summer

Beetroot gazpacho is a fresh and healthy dish, perfect for summer. An alternative to the traditional one that will give us more than one joy. Combined with a series of ingredients that stand out from each other, we will have the beet as the protagonist. With it we will get the color and flavor that this cold soup needs. When you try this preparation, you will leave behind the traditional gazpacho, that cool glass from before meals or the base of a healthy dinner will come to life. Dare to try the best homemade beet gazpacho that exists, the result will surprise you.


  • 450 gr of cooked beet
  • 400 gr of ripe tomatoes
  • 1 she
  • 20 gr of green pepper
  • 20 gr of red pepper
  • ½ onion
  • Apple vinager
  • Olive oil
  • How to prepare beet gazpacho

    1. Beet gazpacho is cooked easily and with little effort, we can cook it in the blink of an eye whenever we feel like it.
    2. We scald the tomatoes to peel them more easily, it is as simple as heating water and submerging these ingredients for a few seconds.
    3. In this way we will get some luxurious peeled natural tomatoes . If we are in a hurry, we can opt for a can of peeled tomatoes.
    4. Like beets, we can cook it at the moment or buy it already cooked. If we have never cooked beets to save time we can buy them cooked.
    5. We have the two main ingredients of all gazpacho , we incorporate two essential kitchen bottoms.
    6. In this case, we will add the peeled and cut onion . We will give you the extra point of joy with garlic.
    7. Both ingredients will be fused with the beet and tomato as in a conventional gazpacho.
    8. We chop the peppers and remove the seeds , red or green will be in charge of giving the gazpacho a little more flavor.
    9. We crush this mixture until we obtain a cold cream with an impressive color. We can put a little water on it so that it is not too thick.
    10. We season all this fusion and healthy ingredients with lots of color to taste. We will give the final touch with a basic of our cuisine, olive oil.
    11. We mix the olive oil with the apple or conventional vinegar so that they finish giving the gazpacho the finish we need.
    12. We put the beet gazpacho in the fridge . We will serve very cold with a little egg or a few pieces of ham.
    13. The result is a spectacular combination of ingredients and flavors. Dare with the most original gazpacho of the summer .

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