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Eggs in the nest with cheese, easy recipe step by step step by step

This recipe for eggs in the nest with cheese will change dinners and fast foods forever. The egg is an essential protein contribution to our diet, in addition to all the vitamins it contains. Thanks to an ingredient that will enhance the creaminess of the finish, such as cheese. A breakfast, but also a dinner or lunch that is prepared in the blink of an eye. With some toast and a tomato seasoned with salt and a good drizzle of olive oil we will enjoy a spectacular combination of natural ingredients. Ingredients: 2 eggs A pinch of salt 150 gr of Gruyère cheese How to prepare eggs in the nest with cheese This recipe for eggs in the nest with cheese only needs three or two ingredients, it depends on how salty we like the food. The cheese is already salty so the egg will need much more to shine with its own light. With a simple combination of ingredients we will achieve unprecedented success. We get down to work preparing the oven that will be in charge of cooking these eggs to the nest with cheese like a charm. We turn on the oven, we put it at 180º so that it is ready when it is time to receive our eggs. We prepare a source to be able to cook them, we line it with baking paper. We separate the egg yolks from the whites, in this way we will get our eggs to the perfect plate. We mount the whites to the point of snow, we will add the pinch of salt to make them more compact. The whites should be very compact with a spongy texture that will make the difference. When we have the whites mounted, we put the grated Gruyère cheese on top so that it integrates well and forms a kind of delicious and fluffy dough.We put two heaps or just one of this mixture in the baking dish, in this way we will have impressive nest eggs. We will only need to cook them. We bake the eggs at 180º for 3 minutes. Ideally, leave the eggs ready and cook them when we are at the table. Once this time has passed, we can plate them. On a toast of bread, we place these eggs or accompany them with a simple salad that we prepare in these three minutes. The maximum expression of an easy-to-prepare and delicious dish. You can’t ask for anything more to enjoy a combination of basic and delicious ingredients. Dare to try some delicious eggs in the nest with cheese, the result will make you fall in love in every way.

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