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Healthy and fast avocado tapas: 5 recipes that you will love

Avocado is an essential ingredient in our kitchen, thanks to these quick and easy to prepare tapas we can enjoy it at a special dinner. In front of the television with a beer and a good series or in the light of the stars with a white wine, these tapas are the perfect excuse to enjoy avocado in a special way. Toasts, fillings or in the company of ingredients that further enhance the creaminess of this food. Dare to try the best healthy and fast avocado tapas. These are the quick and healthy avocado tapas recipes Avocado Feta Mint Toast is a healthy tapa that has a refreshing taste perfect for a spring or summer afternoon. Avocado combines very well with cheese, they are two foods that compete for its creaminess, especially feta, which will also give it the salty point it needs, without the need to add more salt. The mint will crown the dish. Avocados stuffed with walnuts and gorgonzola cream are perfect for a tapas dinner of those that surprise. The texture of the avocado with the gorgonzola cream is impressive. Cheese lovers and those who do not, will have in this ingredient a good ally to try good flavors. Thanks to the nuts we will enjoy the unexpected and healthy crunchy touch. These avocado egg rolls are a real wonder easy to make. Mixing these two ingredients is already a good option, making it in the form of a roll will make it even more palatable. We will be able to enjoy this wonder in the best possible way with a good base that, thanks to the avocado, will gain a great creaminess. These rolls are a simple and delicious tapa.Avocado and pickled stuffed eggs are a simple tapa loaded with good sensations. We will enjoy it with a mythical combination of flavors, the creamiest avocado and the pickles that we can have in the pantry will be able to achieve the fusion of wonderful ingredients. Tasting this wonder is a little pleasure in the form of a lid. Baked Shrimp Avocado is a combination of incredible ingredients. A great way to turn two basic flavors into one awesome. The sea and the land will merge in this bite that we can cook quickly in the oven, almost without realizing the greatness of this healthy and wonderful tapas tala recipe that is very easy to prepare. The prawns are a plus with the avocado they never fail.

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