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How To Make Perfect French Fries With 5 Tricks

French fries are a classic that can not be missed on almost any table, enjoy this recipe made by you, it is priceless. Making this delicacy at home we ensure the point of flavor and a personalized touch with spices, cheese or bacon that we like so much. By themselves, the French fries are already a masterpiece of gastronomy that we must cook the best possible so that we have a recipe for a home restaurant. Take note of the best tricks to create the best crispy fries you’ve ever tasted.

Tricks to get crispy fries Patatas fritas crujientes: disfruta de esta receta hecha por ti

The basic ingredients of French fries have no secret, they are potatoes, olive oil and salt. But to get the best ones we must bear in mind that the potato variety has a lot to say. We will use the ones that get the right texture to fry them, investing in the right potatoes will take away more of a headache.

We peel the potatoes and give them the desired shape , either in the form of sticks and cut into slices. The important thing is to soak them for a few hours, in this way we will have some luxurious potatoes. Potatoes when frying produce acrylamide, a chemical from starch, to avoid this element, washing them in water is essential.

The ideal temperature to fry the potatoes is 140º . Above this temperature they can be too hard or soft. The secret of every potato is that it is crispy on the outside and creamy on the inside. This contrast will be the one that makes the difference in all aspects. Patatas fritas crujientes: disfruta de esta receta hecha por ti

Don’t skimp on the oil , a good olive oil is our most beloved gastronomic gem. The liquid gold from our fields is one of the elements that produces the highest quality French fries. If you want to save some time and avoid getting greasy, fry the potatoes in advance. Leave only the final part to fry them. You will achieve a restaurant result and you can freeze them to always have them ready for the last touch of cooking.

Time is money turned into potato chips . The rush is never good and less when it comes to food. Let the potatoes cook at the same temperature, the result is worth it. A delicious bite that will become the most delicious in the world with a mayonnaise, aioli or tomato sauce to enjoy some crispy and delicious homemade chips. Dare to try them, the result is worth it.

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