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How to make the best iced coffee and enjoy it at home

When the heat is hot, we just want to have cold drinks. It is true that drinking hot beverages is very beneficial during hot weather as the body reacts by cooling down and lowering body temperature. However, it is not the best for the palate with high temperatures. In these cases, cold drinks are always more palatable, such as iced coffee, right?

Now, do you know how to make the best iced coffee? Despite the fact that it is one of the most requested drinks in bars and restaurants during the summer, many people have not yet learned how to make it at home. That is why, below, we are going to know the best tricks to prepare a good coffee with ice at home.

Tips for making iced coffee at home

  • Use an espresso : if you use a pressure machine, set the shortest program to obtain an intense coffee. If you want a bigger coffee, we recommend making a double espresso.
  • Avoid long or American coffee: long coffee, or American, already has a much less intense flavor than espresso, so it will lose all its flavor when it comes into contact with ice. Avoid it whenever possible.
  • Choose a small glass : large glasses, although it may seem otherwise, are the great enemies of iced coffee. Large glasses cause it to cool more slowly, so it will get too much water from the ice.
  • Use small ice cubes : large ice cubes give a lot of water to iced coffee, so it will lose a lot of flavor as the minutes go by. It is best to use smaller ice, even crushed ice, to prevent it from falling apart completely.
  • Take out the ice just before mixing it with the coffee : if you take it out before making the coffee, it will start to heat up and release water. It is best to serve the ice as dry as possible.
  • Sweeten hot coffee : if you usually add sugar, it is best to sweeten it while it is still hot, just before mixing it with the ice. Keep in mind that if it is cold it will be much more difficult for the sugar to dissolve, so you will notice the lumps of the white sugar easily. In addition, it will be much more difficult to move it with the ice.
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    With these little tricks you can make a good iced coffee at home and enjoy it alone or with friends. Put it to the test!
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