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Potatoes to the importance, easy step-by-step recipe

Potatoes to the importance are a traditional recipe from León and Palencia. The writer Emilia Pardo Bazán was in charge of spreading a large part of our traditional gastronomy through her cookbooks. These potatoes to the importance were one of the dishes that have been cooked the most for decades. It is a low cost dish that is spectacular, perfect if we want to look good without investing a large budget. These potatoes with a national red wine and a village bread will give us more than one joy. Dare with the traditional recipe of potatoes to the importance. Ingredients: 5 potatoes 100 gr of flour 2 eggs 1 onion 1 garlic Olive oil 250 ml of meat broth A pinch of paprika 1 tablespoon of chopped parsley Salt Pepper How to prepare potatoes to the importance We create this recipe with ingredients that we will surely have in our kitchen, essentials that can never be absent and that at the time of this recipe saw many families grow. We get down to work with the main ingredient in this dish, potatoes. We can use the variety that we like the most, they will always be perfect. We peel the potatoes and cut them into pieces of one centimeter. We are going to bread them quickly to give them the texture that this recipe needs. We beat the eggs in a plate and in the other we put the flour to make the batter of the potatoes. We heat the oil, it is important that it is hot so that the potatoes cook to perfection and we have a perfect base. We salt and pepper the potatoes and pass them through the flour and the egg, in this way we will get a perfect batter. Cook the potatoes until they are tender, remove them and place on absorbent paper.We peel the onion and cut it into pieces as small as possible, in the oil that we have fried the potatoes we cook the onion. We add the peeled and minced garlic to give this wonder more flavor. When they are tender we put the broth. Let the onion cook well before seasoning to taste. We place the potatoes in this mixture and add a little paprika. We can put half a tablespoon of cornstarch to thicken the sauce. Serve with a little chopped parsley on top to decorate. In this simple way we will be able to create a plate of potatoes to the importance, the low cost that has given more than one dinner and lunch to millions of families in this country. With a salad and little else, we will enjoy a spectacular menu.

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