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Scrambled eggs with tomato and onion recipe

These scrambled eggs with tomato and onion are one of the most famous recipes in Colombia, a good breakfast or a quick dinner of those that are not forgotten. It is a low cost that will cook at the speed of light and is luxurious. Eggs are the staple food of any kitchen, without them there would be no cakes or potato omelettes, they are the basic for preparing exceptional sweets or savory. We are going to complete them with tomato and onion to give them an even more delicious finish. Dare to try these scrambled eggs with tomato and onion they are delicious.


  • 4 eggs
  • 1 onion
  • 2 tomatoes
  • Cilantro
  • Shall
  • Extra virgin olive oil
  • How to prepare scrambled eggs with tomato and onion

    1. This recipe does not need much elaboration , it will also be a vice with a few minutes in the kitchen that will give rise to the most delicious scrambled eggs that exist.
    2. We are going to get to work with the tomatoes , we peel the tomatoes and cut them into small pieces, we will remove the seeds to give us a more beautiful finish.
    3. We continue with the onion , we are going to peel and chop it until we have a bottom of this wonderful sauce.
    4. We prepare the pan , add a drizzle of olive oil and start to fry the onions.
    5. The onions will take a little longer than the rest of the ingredients to be ready, if we want to speed up the process, we will salt them a little.
    6. When they are tender, it will be time to put the tomato that we already have prepared. We will bear in mind that it is an ingredient with a lot of water .
    7. We will let the water evaporate, otherwise we would have scrambled eggs that are too loose.
    8. When the tomato has already fused with the onion , it will be time to add the eggs.
    9. We beat the eggs well beforehand and put them in the pan. We can first place the ingredients in the eggs in the same bowl and then place them in the pan again.
    10. In this way, we will achieve a perfect finish to a dish that will only have to wait for the eggs to set a little more.
    11. We will have some scrambled eggs ready that we can serve with some slices of bread or slices of bacon, in this way we will achieve the ideal finish.
    12. A little coriander on top will give it the fresh and green touch that will mark the beginning of a spectacular meal.

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