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The 5 best recipes to include broccoli in your weekly menu

Broccoli should be in every weekly menu, with these recipes you will get it to reach the table and disappear in a few minutes without leaving a trace. Children and not so children who are not very fond of vegetables will eat it and wait for it every time they know that broccoli is the protagonist of dinner or the healthy meal of the day. Loving broccoli is simple, this vegetable with vitamins and fiber provides great benefits to our body, dare to make it the star of these easy-to-prepare recipes. The best recipes for broccoli Broccoli gratin is a vice. One of the ‘problems’ of broccoli when it comes to presenting it is the smell. Not everyone likes it, but to eliminate it there is an infallible trick, cook it with milk. The fact that we gratin it with béchamel is a way to eliminate the smell that will be perfectly nuanced with the cheese that we will place on top. The broccoli quiche with cheese is a savory tart that the whole family will love. The broccoli will be framed in a savory pie made with milk, eggs, and cheese. On a fine and delicate dough we will make this vegetable look spectacular without trying too hard. Only a few minutes in the oven are necessary for the broccoli to cook wonderfully. This broccoli in batter is a luxurious tapa. Perfect for a casual dinner or a healthy complement to a quick dinner we cook on Fridays. If we accompany this broccoli cooked and battered with egg and breadcrumbs, with a mayonnaise or a tomato sauce, we will ensure that adults and children enjoy an essential vegetable in every weekly menu.Chicken and broccoli macaroni are a perfect healthy meal for any occasion. Put them in the box or enjoy them with the children at home, macaroni is a type of pasta that the whole family likes. Broccoli will be the ingredient that will become the best ally in this recipe. A quick and easy way to cook vegetables combined with pasta. A broccoli hummus is the go-to recipe. A cream that we can use to create gourmet sandwiches. With a few vegetable sticks for a healthy hummus or a quick dinner or on a whole wheat bread with cheese and a few bits of tomato, your broccoli will be delicious with as little effort as possible. You can include a luxury vegetable in a healthy weekly menu.

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