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The 5 best recipes with mashed potatoes, original and delicious

These incredible recipes with mashed potatoes will allow you to enjoy this basic easy to prepare in a different way. It will no longer be a garnish that accompanies meat, fish or vegetables, it will go one step further. We are going to create homemade cakes, gratin vegetables or cook some luxury cannelloni, thanks to the mashed potatoes that we have left over or have prepared for the occasion. If you want to discover everything that a good mashed potato can give, take note of these simple and quick recipes to prepare. Top 5 recipes with mashed potatoes Mashed potato and mushroom cupcakes are a good staple for a dinner or fast food without any meat. A vegetarian alternative always comes in handy, the best thing about this delicacy is that we can freeze them and heat them instantly in the oven or in the pan. A way to take advantage of a mashed potato and also save a lot of time in the kitchen. A good Bolognese with mashed potatoes is the perfect meatloaf. This combination of ingredients always works. It is a good duo to create one of those recipes that will always look good. Whatever happens, we will achieve a spectacular result in the blink of an eye. The bolognese on the bottom and the puree on top with cheese and a little oven is easy, quick and delicious. We can serve this mashed potatoes and avocado as a tapa. In a glass topped with some black olives or some sliced Cherry tomatoes they will be the most delicious appetizer that exists. Avocado is this superfood that will end up being the one that gives color to the puree. A very fast, delicious and very healthy combination. You will be passionate about this aperitif or tapa.The broccoli gratin with mashed potatoes, garlic and tomatoes has everything you need to stand out. It is a vegetable dish that will change the béchamel for the mashed potatoes. It’s a way to add a little more force and texture to a delicious vegetable cake. The combination of flavors and colors is one of the strengths of this recipe. Potato cannelloni with ham are a wonderful dish that can be prepared in the blink of an eye. We can cook them in 5 minutes and leave them ready to cook in the oven. In a few minutes we can have the recipe of our dreams ready. A quick alternative to the classic cannelloni that you will like in the same way as the traditional ones.

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