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The 5 best tapas recipes with goat cheese, with less lactose and more proteins

These tapas with goat cheese will reveal one of the gastronomic gems of our country. A type of cheese with less lactose and a good amount of protein is perfect as a dinner or lighter meal. Besides being delicious, with goat cheese we can make bites worthy of the gods. The texture and intense flavor of this ingredient arouse passions wherever they go and it is not surprising, if we invest in a good goat cheese we will discover all its properties firsthand. Dare to try these amazing goat cheese tapas recipes.

The best tapas recipes with goat cheese Las 5 mejores recetas de tapas con queso de cabra, con menos lactosa y más proteínas

Some artichoke hearts with goat cheese gratin are prepared in 5 minutes and they are impressive. We can have artichokes in the pantry all year round, there are incredible national preserves that will make this cover easier for us. With minimal preparation we will get a restaurant dish that will serve us as a quick healthy dinner.

We can make this zucchini terrine with goat cheese in individual portions. We will indulge ourselves quickly with a low cost ingredient like zucchini. It is impossible not to be seduced by a recipe loaded with good sensations. Zucchini and goat cheese form a winning culinary duo, in 5 minutes you will have this tapas ready for dinner.

Fried goat cheese is a quick snack to make that is delicious. A creamy interior and a crunchy exterior are good presentation cards, if we accompany the cheese with a little tomato jam and a white wine with a few pieces of toasted bread we will triumph in style. In a few minutes you will have this impressive cover ready. Las 5 mejores recetas de tapas con queso de cabra, con menos lactosa y más proteínas

The figs with goat cheese and honey come from another dimension, they are the easy contrast to prepare that we are wanting to enjoy. A fruity white wine and some figs with goat cheese will become the best allies of a quick dinner of those that triumph in style. Easy, delicious and healthy, you can’t ask for anything more.

Some goat cheese and honey samosas is the recipe we are looking for to fully enjoy some ingredients full of joy. The crunchy exterior of the samosas will blend with the creamy interior of the goat cheese. We will add a little honey to create a spectacular contrast. This cover will stand out on any table, it will look like a restaurant.

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