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The 5 best waffle recipes, original and easy to prepare

The waffle is one of the most cooked desserts, breakfasts or snacks in the world. Lighting the waffle maker and adding the dough that we prepare in 3 minutes is all we have to do to enjoy this kind of very sweet cookie that we will cover with glory or Nutella. A good dough is the main key to a perfect finish. On those days when we want to treat ourselves, nothing better than a good personalized waffle. Take note of the best waffle recipes designed to make you enjoy yourself to the fullest in less than 5 minutes. These are the best waffle recipes. Chocolate coffee waffles are an awesome mix of ingredients. These days when you need a little more strength to start the day or end it with a smile. This waffle mixes two of the flavors that we like the most, it is impossible to live without coffee, its smell awakens passions. With the intense flavor of coffee and chocolate we will cook the definitive waffle. Some horchata waffles are worth it. In these days when we will begin to see this drink on the shelves, nothing better than to get a bottle. Not just to drink with a few ice cubes and a little cinnamon. We are also going to enjoy it in a special way mixed in the dough of a waffle that is impressive with the minimum possible effort. The healthy pumpkin and oatmeal waffle will reveal the most delicious and low-calorie treat available. If you want to indulge yourself without regrets, nothing better than this recipe, it will be a vice and you will have to do the least effort to create something spectacular. You can put a little cocoa powder or cinnamon on top to give it the final finish.A healthy sugar-free chocolate waffle can give us more than one joy. On those days when we want to take care of ourselves or are on a diet, we can eat sweet, but without sugar. This ingredient is not too good, neither for diets, nor for our body. Let’s banish it forever just by trying this incredible recipe for delicious and healthy waffles. Peach waffles are a very special way of incorporating fruits into our daily lives. We can prepare this wonder in its purest form in a few minutes and enjoy it whenever we feel like it. The peach is a good ally of any dessert, given its sweetness and good sensations. Dare with a slightly different waffle that will win you over immediately.

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