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Yogurt fritters, sweet recipe step by step

It is not known exactly what is the origin of the fritters, these balls or discs of flour dough fried in oil. Various gastronomic historians indicate that this food, usually taken as a dessert, was made in the Mediterranean. In fact, Cato the Elder, in his book De Agri Cultura, includes a recipe for donuts whose ingredients were flour and cheese, fried and smeared with honey and poppy seeds. Although it has remained more or less the same, the recipe admits many other ingredients, as proven by these yogurt fritters with hot chocolate cream. Apparently, pre-Columbian cultures, such as the Aztecs and the Mayans, also prepared doughs with corn or beans for their celebrations, and at the time of the conquest wheat flour was incorporated. In any case, in our country it can be affirmed that those who introduced the custom of preparing these doughs in the form of balls and eaten fried and covered with honey were the Moors, who settled in Granada and Seville. An elaboration later adopted by the gypsies after the expulsion of the Arabs and maintained until now. Ingredients 1 natural Greek yogurt 1 egg 200 grams of wheat flour 5 grams of baking powder Vanilla essence to taste 100 grams of dark chocolate 100 ml of heavy cream Oil for frying Preparation of the yogurt fritters with hot chocolate cream For the ganache: heat the cream without letting it boil. Split the 100 grams of dark chocolate and put it in a bowl. Bathe the chocolate pieces with the hot cream and mix well so that the chocolate melts. In another bowl, put the yogurt and the egg, beat and integrate well.Add the flour, sugar and yeast, and continue mixing, until you obtain a creamy dough, which when falling does so slowly and in the form of a ribbon. First add 150 grams of flour and see the texture of the dough. Add the vanilla and mix again. In a deep frying pan put enough sunflower oil and heat over medium heat. Dip two spoons in the oil (so that the dough slides well and does not stick) and make portions of the dough that are as round as possible. Fry in the oil. When they are ready they are turned over, so that they are fried on all sides. Go removing and reserving on absorbent paper. To fill them, make a cut in the fritters with scissors. Put the ganache in a pastry bag and fill each donut. Prepare these delicious yogurt fritters with hot chocolate cream and when you serve them, water them a little with the hot ganache, so that it adheres well to each one of them.

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