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Basil, olive oil and garlic sauce recipe – perfect for a pasta or fish

The basil, olive oil and garlic sauce will give us more than one joy on those days when we are looking for a healthy way to accompany pasta or fish. Creating the perfect flavor and color base for these ingredients to stand out is easy, if we have the right recipe. In this case we are going to use an ingredient capable of highlighting any dish in an extraordinary way, basil. An aromatic herb with very good properties that we can have at home to make us enjoy any fancy pasta or fish dish. Dare to try a good basil sauce.


  • 2 cups fresh basil
  • 1 cup olive oil
  • 1 clove garlic
  • 100 ml lemon juice
  • Salt to taste
  • How to make a basil, olive oil and garlic sauce

    1. The most sought-after alternative to pesto is this basil sauce. Unlike pesto, which is usually more of a pasta sauce, this recipe will serve us for all kinds of fish and some meats .
    2. Garlic should not scare us, it is an ingredient with very good properties that will make us enjoy any background in the first person.
    3. A sauce that is prepared raw like this, is a fresh alternative of the most summery, it will not be necessary to light the fire.
    4. We only need the grill to cook the fish or meat and the pasta already boiled to be able to use this delicacy.
    5. We get to work by placing the basil in the blender glass , although it seems a lot, it will reduce its size almost instantly when we crush it. Receta de salsa de albahaca, aceite de oliva y ajo: perfecta para una pasta o pescado
    6. To enhance all the ingredients with a citrus background, we add the splash of lemon juice.
    7. We put it in the blender glass and add the olive oil that will be the one that gives texture to this sauce.
    8. We will lack the magical and almost medicinal ingredient, garlic. We peel a garlic and add it before crushing it all.
    9. We blend until we get a light sauce that will end up being a delicacy on its own. Although it remains a vice in pasta and fish, we can use it to cover some toasts with glory.
    10. We place it to taste on toast, bread, pasta or a piece of meat or fish and add a little cheese or chopped nuts, success is guaranteed.
    11. Dare to try the best homemade basil, olive oil and garlic sauce you have ever tried, the result is worth it.

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