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Cocoa vinaigrette, recipe to dress salads

Vinaigrettes add a special touch to salads. The balance between acid and oil, in combination with the rest of the ingredients, is the key to turning that healthy combination of vegetables into a delicious meal. Cocoa vinaigrette is a rare and special dressing that adds a particular flavor. An incredible opportunity for lovers of culinary trips with an unexpected destination. The important nutritional value of salads is usually in vegetables, since they contain vitamins, minerals and fiber that benefit the body. The vinaigrette, although to a lesser extent, also has health benefits. Apple cider vinegar, for example, makes digestion easier, lowers blood sugar levels, and boosts the immune system. Despite these properties, it is necessary to take into account that excessive consumption of vinegar has counterproductive effects, such as damage to tooth enamel and acid burns in the esophagus, so it should always be consumed diluted. Cocoa has anti-inflammatory properties, is rich in antioxidants and provides minerals such as magnesium, iron, calcium, phosphorus, copper, manganese and, to a lesser extent, selenium, potassium and zinc. It is also important to note that cocoa contains flavonoids, powerful antioxidants with multiple benefits. Catechin and epicatechin have been shown to help prevent Alzheimer’s, thrombosis, and arteriosclerosis, as well as contribute to oxygen saturation in the blood. Finally, phenylethylamine is responsible for the increase in the production of endorphins in the brain, which generate the feeling of happiness that you have when eating chocolate. Ingredients: 2 and ½ tablespoons of apple cider vinegar1 tablespoon of cocoa powder 5 tablespoons of olive oil Mint leaves Salt to taste 20 grams of almonds ¼ teaspoon of chili powder (optional) How to prepare cocoa vinaigrette: Emulsify the olive oil with the apple cider vinegar. Reserve. Add the sifted cocoa. Stir. Make a smooth almond cream. Put them in the blender until you get a creamy texture. If you want a spicy vinaigrette, add the chili powder. Finely chop the mint leaves and add them to the oil and vinegar. Add the almond cream to the previous mixture until obtaining the desired texture. Refrigerate until serving time. This cocoa vinaigrette is a different option for seasoning salads and other preparations. Its texture and flavor take the preparations to another level.

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