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Canned sardine quiche, easy step by step recipe

Canned Sardine Quiche Recipe is an impressive recipe that cooks with minimal effort. With one of the cans that we can have in the kitchen we will achieve a spectacular result. The salty cake par excellence, the quiche, will come to life to become a low cost dish that will look like something out of a restaurant. Canned sardines are one of the best options for eating fish out there. We are going to cook them in an extraordinary way thanks to a combination of ingredients that will surprise you with its simplicity and finish. Dare to cook an impressive canned sardine quiche. Ingredients: 1 sheet of breezy dough 1 can of canned sardines Oregano 4 eggs 200 ml of evaporated milk Cherry tomatoes 50 g of grated cheese Salt Pepper How to prepare a canned sardine quiche This quiche is possibly one of the simplest to prepare and delicious out there, the hardest part will be looking for the main ingredients. To give it a little color we can put some cherry tomatoes or a little pepper, they are good complements to sardines. We will get to work turning the oven to 180º so that it is ready when we have this savory cake ready. We prepare a baking dish, we are going to spread it with butter or put a greaseproof paper, in this way the dough will not stick to us. We spread the breeze dough. We can use a conventional pizza dough, it can be just as good. We cover the whole source, we prick the dough a little with a fork so that it is impregnated with the filling that we are going to make. We beat the eggs with the evaporated milk and add the grated cheese. In this way we will have a wonderful background.We place the sardines in this dough. We can include some frozen prawns or some canned mussels to accompany them, we will have a low cost seafood quiche of vice. We continue with the Cherry tomatoes. We cut them into small pieces and place them in this incredible filling, in this way we will achieve a quiche look that will look like something out of a Michelin star restaurant. Bake the canned sardine quiche at 180º for about 30 minutes until the dough is perfectly cooked and the eggs have set. We can add more cheese and gratin it if we want to gain a little more creaminess. Sprinkle with oregano before removing it from the oven. In this way, we will get a spectacular canned sardine quiche that is very easy to prepare.

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