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The 5 best mojito recipes to enjoy an authentic cocktail in the moonlight

The light of the moon is becoming more and more visible and with it the desire to enjoy a drink as appetizing as one of these mojito recipes. A pleasure that we can give ourselves after a hard day at home, whenever we feel like it. This drink has its secrets, although it is hard for us to remember them, those night bars we used to go to more than a year ago had real experts in the art of preparing them. Those hands that perfectly mixed each ingredient will come back, but until they do, we can enjoy a mojito at home thanks to these 5 recipes. The best mojito recipes The blueberry mojito is amazing and very healthy. Blueberries, in addition to being a source of antioxidants, allow us to avoid urine infections. If we want to stay in shape, nothing better than to use it whenever we can. In cocktails, the blueberry juice is spectacular, with all the freshness of the authentic mojito we will enjoy them to the fullest. This mandarin mojito will add an extra touch of sweetness and vitamin C to this drink. We will enjoy a luxury cocktail thanks to a very special base ingredient, mandarin. We can add orange if we have it at home, it will be just as good, we are interested in that citric touch that we will sweeten to our liking. It is an original mojito easy to prepare. A good Mexican tuna mojito will take us to the Caribbean in one sip. If we want to try new flavors, nothing better than this drink that will allow us to enjoy it whenever we feel like it. The prickly pear, nopal or fig tree will be in charge of giving the color and the touch of flavor to this mojito. We will immediately feel its good vibes while we enjoy it at home.The mojito without alcohol is a perfect option. On those days when we don’t feel like drinking alcohol, nothing better than an option like this. We will put the rum aside and replace it with sparkling water. The bubbles will give you joy, with the crushed ice and mint we will achieve a result very similar to the original. You can drink it whenever you want. A mojito sorbet is perfect to turn this drink into something more forceful on the hottest nights. A way to bet on this cocktail classic in another way. We can keep the sorbet in the freezer, serve it when we get home and take a shower while it defrosts. It will give us more than one joy and it is very easy to prepare.

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